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About Suzuka Enduro

Suzuka Enduro, held in famous F1 Japan GP 'Suzuka Circuit', is one of the biggest bicycle events in Japan,

  • THe 'Premium' feeling of cycling on the extraordinary place called 'Circuit'
    The appealing of Suzuka Enduro is to race bicycles fully experience the speed and the wind at the extraordinary place called 'Circuit'.
    This phenomenon makes the activity a premium feeling.
  • Race with friends to build a sense of togetherness (camaraderie)
    Participating with friends, families, and colleagues to building team together, and creating the feel of 'Marathon' race to be more attractive competition
  • Variety of catefories & Real time display system
    There are plenty of categories that match the needs of participants such as the serious 'Road bike' class, and also the light-weight Open Class with city cycle. Besides, there are also options for 4-Hour and 8-hour endurance events (mixed on the race during the time). All of these ranges of categories are also attract many participants to the competition.
    The team that race with 'Cosplay' creating the sense of humor that attracts people favorites.

    The team can determine their 'Lap time, ranking, and total lap' from smartphones in real time with the use of Japan most-advanced technology. So, they can enjoy bicycle sports more!
  • A wide range of events: bazaar,the draw, etc.
    Beside the top ranking prize winner, there is also a chance from the draw, and many events like bazaar from the exhibitor.

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